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How to Track Changes in Google Docs


Lawyers love the “track changes” feature in Microsoft Word. I suspect we’re the primary people that feature was intended to help. It’s one of the many benefits of the rich feature set of the fully developed products offered by Microsoft (some call it “fully developed”; others call it “bloat”).

The lack of a track changes equivalent in Google Docs has made some lawyers reluctant to shift over to the cloud for creating documents. That has been a shame because it’s so easy to share and collaborate on documents stored on Google Docs. The Google Apps platform is all about collaboration.

TextFlow is a new product from Nordic River for tracking edits in Google Docs. You can get it in the Google Apps Marketplace. I’ve tried it, and it works. It’s free for light users and $29 for a premium license.

Nordic River is a Swedish company doing innovative things with text. Its products are also available for use with Microsoft Word and with Box.net. Interesting, innovative, progressive—that’s good stuff for us.

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  • http://on.fb.me/mrfbpi Mark Reinert

    This looks like it could be a big help to non-lawyer writers who are co-writing something or working with editors.

    I don’t find any mention on the Nordic River website that Text Flow can be used with any Google products. IS there some hack that you know that Nordic River doesn’t want to publicize?

    Is this available on Google Docs or only on the paid version when you host a domain with Google?

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