Sunday Funny: A Bed That Tweets

Sunday Funny: A Bed That Tweets

When I got married it was “funny” to tie tin cans to the back of the car we drove away in. Wild and crazy weddings involved filling the car with balloons or, maybe, disconnecting the alternator so the car wouldn’t start.

Then along came Twitter.

Now we’ve got a tech savvy best man who figured out a way to wire the marital bed to twitter. He used a contraption involving a pressure sensitive pad.

When the couple climbs in and things heat up, the bed tweets. It’s been tweeting since December 9th and it lets you know when the newlyweds are “on the job” and “off the job.” You can stay on top of the action by following the bed here. In addition to the start and end times, the sensor tweets a “frenzy index” rating the intensity of each session.

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