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It’s Saturday – Bloggers, Facebook, LinkedIn, Analytics and the King


Happy Saturday! Every Saturday I publish links to some of the things I’ve come across that might interest you. These are things that caught my attention this week. I’m publishing these links without much comment so you’ll have to click on them if you’re curious. I also include a picture I like.

HOW TO: Add Blogger Outreach to Your PR Plan – You can’t build a PR plan that neglects bloggers anymore.
Adding the Facebook Like Button To Your Site – Take advantage of some of the new features offered by Facebook.
LinkedIn Launches Tons of New Link-Sharing Features
Web Analytics 101: Definitions: Goals, Metrics, KPIs, Dimensions, Targe – Long, but important stuff.
Online Legal Marketing – 11 Reasons Why Content Is King – This guy consistently offers excellent advice and insight.

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