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paperbackstackWhat wakes you up in the middle of the night?

When I ask this question of new subscribers to DivorceDiscourse.com, I get all sorts of answers. But one worry is paramount, and I’d guess that I get a variation on this response from far more than half of the people who e-mail me with their chief concern.

What’s keeping lawyers from sleeping all night long?

It’s the fear that there won’t be enough business.

We worry about getting the next client. Either we aren’t sure how to get the pipeline flowing, or we’re worried that it’s going to run dry. I’m a big fan of generating referrals from other professionals. When another professional refers prospective clients to you, the prospects are very likely to retain you. They’re far more likely to pay a premium fee. They’re far less likely to experience buyers’ remorse. They come to you prepared to trust you. You came highly recommended by someone these prospects already trust.

Nothing in your marketing toolbox is more powerful or efficient than generating referrals by growing and nurturing your professional network. It’s where you should focus the bulk of your marketing time and energy.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you have 20 referral sources you can count on to refer to you six times a year (every other month)?
  • Can you convert five out of six of those referrals into clients at an average fee of $10,000?

Do the math: those referrals generate $1 million in revenues. If you don’t have 20 referral sources who produce a steady stream of clients, then you need this guide to getting them.

Do you worry that you’ll have trouble connecting with referral sources? Are you concerned about putting together a list? Do you think they’ll ignore your voicemails or turn you down cold? Do you wonder what you’ll talk about at lunch and why they’ll refer to you? Do you dread going to some awful networking event?

Networking events are horrible. I’ll never go to one again.

You can grow your network without standing in a crowded room handing out cards.

Networking 101 will walk you through the process. There are answers to your concerns and every problem has a solution.

Networking 101 is your guide to building a powerful referral network that lets you sleep at night. It’s a simple, solid, motivational eBook providing you with knowledge and action steps required to start the flow of referrals. Spend a few hours reading Networking 101 and a few more plotting your networking plan and you’ll soon hear the phone ring. Networking 101 works for my practice. It’ll do the same for you too.

Get it now for $39