Interesting Stuff – June 27, 2009 Edition

Interesting Stuff – June 27, 2009 Edition

Each week, on Saturday, I’m publishing links to some of the things I’ve come across over the past week that might (I repeat “might”) be of interest to you. These are things that stimulated me in some way related my practice. I’m publishing these links without much comment so you’ll have to click on them if they look interesting to you.

Twitter Client Development Success StoriesKevin O’Keefe has gathered these stories and it’s worth checking out if you still question the value of Twitter as a business development tool.

Priming the pump of efficiency – Seth Godin writes about the cost of updating systems. This inspired me to get moving on trashing our old client database system and moving toward something new.

What if the Apple Store billed by the hour? – Well done by post by Jay Shepherd.

How Facebook is Gunning for Google (And Killing SEO) – written by attorney Mike Wasylik about the huge impact Facebook is having on traffic to other websites.

Photo by Jose Luis Mieza

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