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Delegation, Negative Reviews, ABA Ignores Members and Analytics. Happy Saturday!


Happy Saturday! Every Saturday I publish links to some of the things I’ve come across that might interest you. These are things that caught my attention this week. I’m publishing these links without much comment so you’ll have to click on them if you’re curious. I also include a picture I like.

How to Let Go and Delegate a Task – Pretty self-explanatory title. I’m not sure I know anyone who doesn’t struggle with delegation.

Business Owner Shows How NOT to Respond to Negative Yelp Review – Increasingly we can respond to reviews. Don’t make it worse.

Is the ABA’s leadership ignoring their obligation to engage people through social media? – If you didn’t have enough reasons to avoid the ABA, Kevin O’Keefe adds a few more.

Launch: Intelligence Just Got Smarter! – Google Analytics is fantastic and free. It just got better.

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